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Today, the Cross-Continental Conservative Congress 2023, organized by the Serbian People’s Party was opened in Belgrade. Below is Mr. Nenad Popović’s opening address in its entirety:

,,Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends,

Dear conservatives of the world,

It is truly a great honor that we as the Serbian people’s party are today hosting our fraternal and friendly parties and organizations in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

With all of you we share the common values of faith in God, freedom, patriotism, strong and healthy families, security of our citizens, social justice and development based on entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge.

More than ever, these values are today threatened by aggressive leftist and liberal ideologies that are undermining the very foundations on which our glory and our excellence are built.

It is a real joy to see youth representatives of our conservative movements, to whom this conference is dedicated, to whom the future of our countries belongs, and who are taking up the stage of the ungiving fight for our values.

Distinguished guests,

We are living in a very dangerous time to which wrong and failed left policies brought us;

For them it wasn’t enough that they started to destroy the family as the most important basis of society;

It wasn’t enough that they caused the growth of poverty and unemployment and the fall of the competitiveness of western societies due to the absence of clear programs and obvious inability;

It wasn’t enough that they have unconditionally opened the borders to migrants – those unwilling to accept our civilization and its values.

This is why now our world is brought to the edge of war, where lives themselves are at threat.

The number of the population of european countries is less, and Europe is losing in the economic race with America and China.

As if all that wasn’t enough, production is closed in many european countries because, according to the leftist liberal ideology, it costs too much and is moved to other areas outside Europe.

This is why farmers, small and medium family businesses, which are the basis of the modern economy, often suffer, and therefore social stability and the stability of families are destroyed.

In addition, Europe does not invest sufficiently in science and technological development, and in certain areas of technological development is falling behind other parts of the world.

Human identity is under attack, who is offered false choices in terms of sex, gender and language in ruthless propaganda.

A child has a mother and a father, not parent 1 and parent 2.

Genderism is becoming a dictatorial ideology which in alliance with ultra-liberal capitalism is destroying the identity and freedom of individuals, families and nations.

States are denied the right to free and independent politics, and in this world in which almost every law and rule is abolished, the only possibility they offer is to mindlessly follow the dictation of new empires that are already being born in this crisis and conflicts.

This is the world created by left and liberal governments and ideologies – a world of physical and economic insecurity, and a world of relativization and devaluation of everything, from man to nation and state.

My dear friends,

The only possible answer to this chaos are our conservative movements and our conservative politics:

Firm convictions, relying on proven and proven successful experiences, a vision of stable economic development which is in the function of the individual and the family, a clear and strict migrant policy and preventing the spread of insane and aggressive gender and lgbt propaganda and ideology, especially towards children.

We have to commit to strengthening healthy patriotism and love for the fatherland, and the fight for the right of each nation to its independent policy and choice of its destiny.

The citizens of Europe already see clearly the decades of destructive policy of the left-liberal governments, and our friends are already triumphing and forming governments in Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Slovakia, and the conservative parties that are still at this conference today are already the leaders in France, Austria, Germany, Belgium.

Our republican friends in America welcome the presidential elections with optimism, because every democratic government in Washington has only bringed war and crisis.


We Serbs know all this, all too well, because those left and liberal governments bombed us until recently and kept us under sanctions for an entire decade.

Persistent and proud, Serbia has endured everything, and today we are building a stable, fast developing society, preserving tradition and heritage, looking confidently into the future.

We steadyly fight for the right of every nation to its freedom and for clear rules in the world.

We are exposed to daily pressure from left liberal governments to give up our Kosovo which they want to see as an independent state after the bombing of Serbia and the terrible sanctions against our people.

They cannot understand that the place where the Serbian nation and the Serbian Orthodox Church were born are not for sale for false promises and donations.

For every Serb, Kosovo has always been, remains and always will be an integral part of Serbia.

Now it is very important for us in Serbia to defend this patriotic and realistic policy which has bringed development and stability to our society, and therefore I am convinced that our electoral list lead by the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, will win in december at the republic elections.

Dear friends,

We will hear important speeches and thoughts about how our conservative movements and our ideas can be a clear and convincing answer to the ongoing crisis caused by left-liberal governments.

Our citizens certainly expect clear programs and actions from us, so that their hope is awakened again that it is possible to live with dignity and freedom, that the new generations that are coming and the children that are born have a safe and lawful democratic society, a secure family that will provide them with a framework for their intellectual development and stable social life.

In these times, when all the pillars of liberal societies are collapsing due to the selfishness and incompetence of the liberal elites, their last hope are our movements, and the flight of conservative youth who carry true values within themselves.

The great Serbian army leader, Živojin Mišić, once said:,, Kо сме, тај може. Ко не зна за страх, тај иде напред’’ or: ,,He who dares – achieves. He who doesn’t know fear – goes forward!’’ his words guide generations of Serbs through all the adversities and obstacles of life, and I would like you to carry them within you to give you wind at your back in difficult moments, because for all of us who stand in defense of tradition the fight is still ahead.

And therefore, let us be worthy of the historical task in firm and unsharing courage to make all our countries great again.

Now, that sacred task only depends on us conservatives.

I wish you productive work at today’s conference and will see you at the celebration of our joint victory!”


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