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Cross-Continental Conservative Congress 2023 in Belgrade

Tomorrow, the Cross-Continental Conservative Congress 2023 will be opened in Belgrade, organized by the Serbian People’s Party. It will gather over 100 guests from 17 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, India…), with the aim of exchanging idea and strategy for the advancement of conservative values in the modern world. The conference will be opened by the President of the Serbian People’s Party, Mr. Nenad Popović, after whom the representatives of the largest conservative parties in Europe will address the audience.

The Congress, which will last two days, provides a unique platform for politicians, representatives of the media and scientific institutes, but also young leaders from different parts of Europe and the world to discuss and develop ideas that will shape the future of national and international political discourses in the context of conservative and traditional values.

Participants will address a range of topics, including the role of youth in politics, the importance of improving international cooperation among conservative parties, and the development of effective political communication in the digital age.

“I am very glad that we will gather with friends from all over the world with whom we share conservative and traditional values of freedom and sovereignty of nations, Christian faith and tradition, and family values. In addition to the speakers who will make an introduction to the conference – two exceptional young men, members of European parliaments – we have a whole series of panelists who will touch on important political topics and issues that concern us all through the discussion. This Congress is also a sign of our determination to show young people some other sides of politics and give them the freedom to build their own political acquaintances,” said Mr. Popović, President of the Serbian People’s Party.

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