Srpska narodna partija

Заштита-економских-интереса Срба-на Косову и-Метохији

Protection of Serbian economic interests in Kosovo

Respecting the Constitution of Serbia, the Serbian People’s Party points out that for it Kosovo and Metohija have always been, is, and will be an integral and inalienable part of Serbia. The Serbian People’s Party does not recognize the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo and the illegal secession of the southern Serbian province. With that procedure, Resolution 1244, the UN Charter, and the Final Helsinki Act were violated in the worstway. Serbia must never voluntarily give up a part of its territory which is the place of origin of its state and national identity and spirituality. The Kosovo Covenant is deeply engraved in the consciousness of the Serbian people, giving them strength and perseverance to overcome the most difficult moments in their history. The liberation of the Serbian people from centuries of slavery and the creation of a modern Serbian state was achieved based on the Kosovo Covenant.

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