Srpska narodna partija


National, patriotic, and democratic

The Serbian People’s Party is a center-right political party whose activities are based on respect for national, democratic, and civic patriotism principles. The protection of the national and state interests of Serbia and the Serbian people represents the fundamental principles on which the Serbian People’s Party will base its policy. The Serbian People’s Party will strive to continue the state-building tradition of Serbia that has lived since the time of the Nemanjić state, then restore and build on the successful combination of national and democratic values, which the Serbian political and cultural elite transmitted to all parts of our nation at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Knowing that members of other nations also made a huge contribution to the construction of the Serbian democratic society, the Serbian People’s Party, following its democratic orientation, will always advocate for the respect of the rights of all citizens of Serbia. The goal of the Serbian People’s Party is to create a modern, politically, and economically strong Serbia that will provide all its citizens with a higher standard of living and a safer existence. It is the right and obligation of the Serbian people to take the lead and set an example in realizing such goals.

Preservation of historical heritage, cultural and national identity

The Serbian People’s Party will inherit traditional Serbian values and advocate for the preservation of the historical heritage, spiritual, cultural and national identity of the Serbian people. Supporting the work of the most important national institutions, such as SANU, Matica srpska, Serbian literary association, etc., is of crucial importance for the preservation of Serbian national and cultural identity. We especially emphasize the importance of the Serbian Orthodox Church as the oldest institution of the Serbian people, which preserved the unity of the Serbs in the most difficult trials of our long and stormy history. From the time of Nemanjić, Saint Sava and the acquisition of autocephaly, through half a century of slavery under the Turks and the creation of the modern Serbian state in the era of Karađorđe and Prince Miloš, the Serbian Orthodox Church took care of preserving these values, thanks to which we exist as a nation. The role of the Serbian Orthodox Church was of inestimable importance for the preservation of Kosovo’s covenant and national consciousness. The Serbian People’s Party also points to the necessity of protecting the Cyrillic alphabet, which is proclaimed by the Constitution as the national alphabet.

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