Srpska narodna partija

Cooperation with Europe

In a world that is constantly changing, our commitment to preserving traditional values remains unwavering. The Serbian People’s Party deeply believes that the strength of our nation lies precisely in cooperation with those who share our vision – a vision that advocates a return to tradition, respects the sovereignty of each nation and celebrates the richness of the European heritage.

Our cooperation with conservative parties across Europe is not just a political alliance; it is a deepening of friendly relations driven by a shared commitment to preserving our traditional values. Since its inception, our party has nurtured relations with the most important conservative parties on the European stage, and our goal is to create a Europe where the heritage, culture and identity of every nation are celebrated and protected – a Europe where Serbia is an equal and respected partner.

We are determined to ensure that our nations remain firmly rooted in the traditional values that define us. Our cooperation with parties and organizations that share this commitment contributes to the creation of a Europe where the strength of tradition is not suppressed in the whirlwind of changes brought by modern society. Preservation of our conservative, traditional values is the basis of our cooperation and a key component of our vision for the European future of Serbia.

Other international collaborations