Srpska narodna partija

Pavle Ristić



President of the Innovation and ICT expert board

Born in Mali Zvornik on February 13, 1981, where she finished primary and secondary school. Graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department of Information Systems at the University of Belgrade.

He started his career in 2006 as a developer for the development of financial applications intended for monitoring the ownership structure of joint stock companies and securities trading. Later, he works on the implementation of the information system for monitoring the company’s operations. In the last ten years, he developed his professional career in the company “Intersolia,” which deals with services related to the safe use and handling of chemicals. In 10 years, he went from the position of “IT specialist” through “SLS team leader” and “SLS Team Manager” to the current position of “Product Owner” in this company. Throughout his career, he primarily dealt with Microsoft technologies and certain open-source solutions. He emphasizes product development methodologies, their maintenance and improvement, and the formation and development of teams that develop, maintain and improve software products and services. He has several certificates in these fields.

In addition to being engaged in other companies, he has been the owner and director of his own company for more than 10 years, through which he offers his knowledge and skills to other companies on the market. During this period, he participated in the development of several successful products.

Married, father of three children, and in 2020 they will become parents for the fourth time.