Zoran Vidanovic for TV Nis: SPP will confront the problems that Serbia faces

18th December 2014

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The foundations of successful Serbia are satisfied families, a foundation of every household is economy. Serbia’s interests and interests of our citizens cannot be met without strengthening our economy. Serbian People’s Party will differ from other parties as it will confront problems, recover domestic economy and protect Serbian national and state interests, Zoran Vidanovic, member of the SPP Presidency, said in a “Spotlight” talk show of TV Nis.

According to him, the SPP supports Europe, but not Serbian membership in the European Union.

– It is not in Serbia’s political and economic interests to be a member of the Union. We have already had, in some way, the predecessor of the EU, Yugoslavia, but it broke up because some states were not satisfied with their status, others thought that they receive less than they deserve … The EU is a community of 28 countries, where bureaucrats establish dictate to other countries about that decisions must be made in economic, political and every other field. Once we had the idea of communism, which we have blindly followed, and now we have the EU ideology. We can no longer be slaves of various ideologies, on the contrary, we must be pragmatic and look rationally at our interests. The interests of Serbia, are not in the EU – Vidanovic said.