SPP: Serbian property in Kosovo and Metohija should be imposed as urgent topic

20th January 2015

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According to the World Bank (WB) estimates, the value of the mineral reserves, in the southern Serbian province amounts up to 13.5 billion Euros.

Serbian officials should not be manipulated by tactical maneuver of authorities of the fake state of Kosovo regarding the amendments to the local law on public companies. The official position of Serbian People’s Party is that Serbian state officials must, in discussions with the representatives of the international community, as soon as on February 9th, impose the asset protection of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija, as urgent topic.

Apart from Serbian investments of more than $ 17 billion in road, energy, telecommunications infrastructure and economy in Kosovo and Metohija, southern Serbian province is rich in mineral reserves worth up to 13.5 billion Euros, according to the World Bank reports.


– The locations of Belo Brdo, Crnac, Stari Trg, Ajvalija and Novo Brdo there are 21.5 million tons of lead, zinc and silver that are economically viable for exploitation. There are also 1.7 million tones of bauxite (with the potential of additional 4-5 million tons), while “Feronikl” complex is estimated at around 14 million tons of ore. Finally, according to the World Bank, lignite coal reserves are estimated at 8.3 billion tons, with additional 10 billion of potential reserves – Serbian People’s Party noticed and also pointed out that Kosovo is “Serbian acquis, legacy and the inalienable property of the Serbian state and its citizens.”