SPP Novi Sad: The Novi Sad raid should never be forgotten

21st January 2015

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The Serbian People’s Party delegation laid a wreath today, at the “Family” monument, at the Boulevard of the raid victims in Novi Sad, to mark the anniversary of the Novi Sad raid.

Shadows of thousands of citizens of Novi Sad that were cruelly killed, just because they belonged to other religion and nation, oblige us not to forget the raid in Novi Sad, the coordinator of the Initiative Committee of the SPP in Novi Sad – Tatjana Ivkovic said.

According to Ms. Ivkovic, those victims, remind us of cruel crime, that people are ready to commit due to intolerance, misunderstanding and hatred.

– Serbian People’s Party will pursue a policy of mutual respect and tolerance. This is the policy that will enable everyone in Serbia to express themselves and exercise their rights. We promote a message of peace, love, respect, inter-ethnic and religious tolerance from every place, so that such events never repeat – Tatjana Ivkovic concluded.

In January 1942, the Hungarian fascists killed and throw under the ice several thousand residents of Novi Sad, who were Serbian, Jewish and Roma.