SPP Belgrade – Old Town: The oldest citizens deserve our special care and assistance

17th January 2015

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Elderly citizens of Old Town municipality in Belgrade must be provided with the best conditions for a decent third age. They deserve our special care and assistance, coordinator of the Initiative Committee of the Serbian People’s Party of Old Town – Aleksandar Zoric said. The members of the Initiative Committee of the SPP in Old Town municipality were presenting the party’s program to the citizens, at several locations today.

According to Zoric, , the Old Town, as the central municipality of the city, represents the face of Serbia and Belgrade, to some extent, which is why it is necessary to further invest in its tourism potential.

– Even 80 percent of all tourist attractions in Belgrade are in the Old Town municipality. Tourism is big, but unfortunately underused opportunity for the development of municipality. For the SPP, tourism is one of the strategic priorities in the economic development of Belgrade and all Serbia – Zoric said.