The Platform of the Serbian People’s Party

Every man longs to live in liberation and aspires to freely develop in communion with others, in his family, in his community, in his country.

However, anyone, i.e. any particular individual or community that demands freedom for itself must acknowledge freedom of others. The law that protects human, civil and national dignity provides such freedom, whereas justice refers to the distribution of equal rights for everyone.

The aim of the Serbian People’s Party is to build economically prosperous, national-identity-based, socially just community and in all respects, better and happier – Serbia! This is because the most useful thing for people is fairness.

In a healthy political competition, with the use of all of our knowledge, time and energy, we wish to help Serbs to live better and safer, and to have the kind of state that they deserve with their qualities.

Convinced that the leadership of the Serbian People’s Party is a milestone in the political life of our country, we present our political program that will contribute to political, national and economic prosperity of the entire society in the state of Serbia.

In order to overcome current crisis and implement structural social reforms, Serbian People’s Party offers concrete economic, demographic, political and other solutions – not just abstract principles.

The Serbian People’s Party gathers capable and reputable individuals with significant political experience, as well as a large number of young and energetic members who are willing to give their maximum contribution to the proclaimed goals and reinvent Serbia as a stable and order-based country.
Within the Serbian People’s Party, Serbs get new energy and renewed strength which will, despite all challenges, enable a creation of a safer future for them.

From the people – to the people!

National, Patriotic and Democratic

The Serbian People’s Party is a right-centered political party. Its activism is based on respect for national and democratic principles, as well as principles of civil patriotism. The protection of national and state interests of Serbia and Serbs is the foundation on which the Serbian People’s Party will base its policy. The Serbian People’s Party will strive to continue with Serbian state-building tradition that exists from the time of Nemanjic dynasty. This is a model of a successful combination of national and democratic values, and Serbian political and cultural elite has implemented it in the late 19th and early 20th century in all parts of our society.

While bearing in mind that, in the construction of Serbian democratic society, enormous contribution was given by members of other nations, the Serbian People’s Party will, following its democratic orientation, always strive to protect the rights of all citizens of Serbia. The aim of the Serbian People’s Party is to create a modern, politically and economically strong Serbia, which will provide all its citizens a higher standard of living and a more secure existence. Serbs have the right and obligation to lead in realization of such goals.

Responsible National and State Policy

At the national and state level, the preservation of territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as other elements of national and state identity of our country is the Serbian People’s Party primary task. Serbia must have a prominent international position while developing friendly cooperation with other nations and states. The strategic interest of the Serbian People’s Party is the establishment of intense political and economic ties with all countries that are friendly to Serbia and its democratic development.

Internally, the Serbian People’s Party is committed to consistently act in favor of national consensus about most important political and economic issues. The key message of the Serbian People’s Party political activism will be the establishment of a dialog among all political and social actors in order to find the best solutions for the Serbian state and society. We are committed to the highest degree to fully acknowledge the rights of national minorities while at the same time, however, we reject any attempts of certain ethnic groups that, by exceeding their rights, try to disintegrate Serbia state territory.

Serbian People’s Party believes that only economically strong Serbia can confront all challenges in its domestic and foreign politics. Serbia is located in the unstable region of the Balkans and it is clear that it will encounter numerous problems in foreseeable future. These problems cannot always be predicted, but it goes without saying that economically strong and systematically well organized state will cope with them far more easily. Therefore, it is an imperative of our existence and activism to contribute to the construction of such a Serbian state.

The Preservation and Respect for The Constitution

The Serbian People’s Party points out that the Constitution of Serbia, as the most relevant legal act, clearly defines the rights and obligations that must be respected in political and social life of our country. The Republic of Serbia is constitutionally defined as a state of Serbs and all its citizens. The Serbian People’s Party considers the preservation of our national sovereignty to be crucially important. We especially emphasize the necessity to respect the preamble of the Constitution which defines Kosovo and Metohija as an integral part of Serbia. We particularly underline the relevance of the constitutional principle that prohibits activities of political parties that advocate overthrow of the constitutional order, violation of guaranteed human and minority rights and inciting national, racial and religious hatred.

State-Building and Economy

For the Serbian People’s Party, state-building and economy are two sides of the same medal. Only nationally strong state with a rounded and sophisticated identity can successfully develop its economy, in the same manner in which only a strong economy can be a guarantor of long-term protection of state and national interest of the country. We cannot speak about strong nation and state if we do not have a strong economy. Likewise, there has been no such cases in history, in which a country achieved economic growth while at the same time losing its national dignity. Through new economic approach, those parts of Serbian economy that in the shortest period of time can significantly increase production and employment, should be fostered. Budgetary and macroeconomic stability is the basis for the implementation of social reforms that will directly depend on the rational use of national resources.

Representing the Interests of All Citizens of Serbia

The Serbian People’s Party assumes that the legal order of Serbia considers the rights and obligations of all its citizens equally. In its political activities, the Serbian People’s Party will support and protect the interests of all citizens and layers of population that live and work in Serbia. The solutions that the Serbian People’s Party will be offering within the state institutions will not be damaging interests of any civil or ethnic group. Living together means realization of such goals that will be in the general public interest.

The Rule of Law and the Equal Application of the Law to Everyone

The Serbian People’s Party advocates the equal application of law to everyone, regardless of the interests of the parties in power, various centers of power, individuals or any social groups. All adult citizens of Serbia have an inalienable right to participate in free and direct elections. The rule of law implies the division of power between the legislative, executive and judicial. An independent judicial authority is in charge of equal application of the law to everyone. Serbia must be a state of law, as it is the only way to enjoy trust of all its citizens and represent a safe place for the inflow of foreign investments and development of national economy.

Balanced Foreign Policy

The Serbian People’s Party will strive to conduct a balanced foreign policy, which puts the national, economic and political interests of Serbian citizens in first place. The cooperation with countries that respect such a policy in the best possible sense will be a priority of the Serbian People’s Party. Advocating cooperation in the region will be one of the most relevant aspects in our foreign policy orientation. After the secession of several ex- Yugoslav republics, Serbia should cooperate with new countries in the region, guided exclusively by its real interests and protection of Serbs who continued to live in those states.

Russia – the Most Relevant Economic and Political Partner

The SPP sees Russia as one of the most important political and economic partners of Serbia and as one of its greatest development opportunities. We believe that Serbia in its past has not had a closer friend than Russia, nor did it have an ally with whom its ties throughout the history were longer, more extensive, meaningful and widespread. Russia is the key external factor in protection of our vital interests, such as preservation of Kosovo and Metohija and of the Republic of Srpska, based on Dayton Accords. The Russian Federation has always been helping Serbia economically, by giving her, whenever possible, a special economic status and considerable benefits. Serbia should strive to deepen bilateral relations with Russia, by stimulating its entrepreneurs to export their products as much as possible to the Russian market.

Referendum on European Integration: Europe – Yes, EU – No

The Serbian People’s Party attitude towards European integration is based on the principles of Euroscepticism. Euroscepticism is not to be equated with Europhobia, because Serbia is an old European country that is, by its geographical position directed towards bilateral cooperation with other European countries. The Serbian People’s Party is against Serbia’s accession to the European Union because rational considerations suggest that it is not in our economic and political interests. As the People’s Party, we will demand that the citizens of Serbia are asked whether they want to continue the path towards the membership in the European Union or not. The best answer to this question may be provided by a referendum as the highest expression of democracy and democratic procedures. Serbia has laid its history, culture and traditions at the foundations of modern Europe. For the Serbian People’s Party, the necessity to adopt and implement positive laws and procedures from the developed EU countries is beyond dispute if they provide better and more efficient functioning of the state. Everything that can advance development of the Serbian society should be accepted as a useful solution and further supported.

Responsible and Market Economy

The economic policy of the SPP will be directed towards the development of the market and socially responsible economy whose focus will be on stimulation for development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The operations of businesses in a market economy are based on the relation of supply and demand. The SPP will strongly support and promote the development of healthy competition, believing that in this way we protect the interest and the right of Serbian citizens to obtain the highest possible quality goods and services at the lowest prices. The owners of capital should be aware of the necessity to invest a portion of their funds in cultural progress, because the goal of social development is not only in the continuous increase in material wealth, but also in the advancement of scientific research, culture and creativity by which every nation in the history is recognizable.

Development of Small and Medium Enterprises

The Serbian People’s Party sees the stimulation of the entrepreneurial spirit as one of the most significant segments of its economic policy. We consider entrepreneurs to be the carriers of economic development and guarantors of economic and other stability of society and state. We want to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and that is why we have to fight for such a taxation system and business environment in our country that will enable every individual to start its family business or open a craft shop with personal savings. We believe that this approach will provide a chance for recovery of national economy.

New Industrialization and New Economic Measures

Long economic crisis in Serbia requires the urgent implementation of new industrialization of the country and economic measures that will advance exports and increase employment. The Serbian People’s Party believes that economic, political and social stability of Serbia can be achieved by creation of new jobs and through increase of economic activity. In order to achieve this, the government must increase investments in three key economic sectors: agriculture, infrastructure and energy. These three economic sectors directly and indirectly employ the largest number of Serbian citizens. The state incentives should enable the inflow of new investments, but through solutions that will not eliminate or discriminate domestic investors over the foreign ones. Technological and industrial development will depend on the revival of large enterprises in private and public sectors. This will include the creation of new jobs as well as development and rejuvenation of staff that work there, or will be working in future.

New, Real Jobs

The Serbian People’s Party recognizes private sector as a backbone for the creation of new, real, jobs. The state should relieve the operations of private sector through tax incentives, thus creating opportunities for new jobs and increasing wages for already employed workers. In order to create a larger number of real jobs, it is necessary to improve existing business climate, to reduce excessive public spending that puts pressure on entrepreneurs, and to eradicate unfair competition and gray economy. The safety and position of employees in private sector should not be different from that of workers in public sector, because that is the only way to reach the overflow of unnecessary employees from public to private sector. The creation of favorable environment for private investments and encouragement of the development of economy’s real sector is a chance for Serbia to gradually exit from years long economic crisis.

Agriculture – the Greatest Development Opportunity

Agriculture is the greatest development opportunity of Serbia and one of our most important industries. The development of agricultural production implies a further improvement of its structure, as well as the improvement of local farmers’ position in domestic and foreign markets. Agricultural products from Serbia can be offered in various foreign markets, especially in the Russian market, but in order to increase production volume, the state must provide favorable conditions for the restoration of agricultural mechanization, the guaranteed purchase of agricultural products, the use of modern agro-technical measures, irrigation and processing of agricultural products. Agricultural activity is useful because it encourages development of the manufacturing industry, trade and tourism. The retention of youth in the countryside is of the great importance for the Serbian People’s Party, as in some parts of the country, villages remained deserted or inhabited mostly by elderly. Agricultural production must be based on the development of products with distinctive geographical origin, thus creating brands that meet the highest quality standards in the most economically developed countries.

Energy Policy – Security and Responsibility

In current circumstances, thoughtful energy policy is of substantive importance for Serbia’s secure future. We are strategically committed to cooperate, in the field of energy, with countries that possess the greatest energy reserves and that are able to provide continuous and secure supply of energy to our country in the future. Serbia should turn to the construction of new power plants, as well as to the reconstruction of existing facilities. The financing of large energy projects should include not only the government but also private sector. Our country has great potential for the development of the alternative forms of energy, which is necessary to invest in due to its contribution to new jobs creation. By investing in energy, the government also contributes to the fulfillment of the necessary infrastructural preconditions for inflow of investments in other sectors of the economy.

Strengthening Ties Between the Homeland and Serbs in Diaspora

The Serbian People’s Party is committed to strengthen spiritual, political and economic ties with the Serbs who live outside their home country. The Serbian population in the region needs to be given powerful, but also very concrete support for the protection and preservation of their identity. Hence, the Serbian People’s Party will principally advocate for strengthening of ties between the homeland and the Serbian people regardless of where they live. We particularly express our concern for the position of Serbs in Montenegro, which, historically, is a constitutive part of Serbian ethnic and cultural space. We will also take care of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and in all other countries they inhibit. The Serbian people in the Diaspora must cultivate the awareness about their belonging to the Serb national being and the state. The government of Serbia constantly has to support that process. The Serbian Diaspora in European countries, the Americas, and in Australia, at the same time represents an important economic resource for our country, because the inflows of funds from abroad that arrive annually to Serbia are equal to half of our exports.

Preserving Dayton Accords and Future Prosperity of the Republic of Srpska

The Serbian People’s Party considers the preservation of Dayton Accords and future prosperity of the Republic of Srpska as one of the most relevant national interests of Serbia and Serbian people. Through the creation of the Republic of Srpska, Serbian people won the protection of their national interests within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbia, as a guarantor of Dayton Accords, has the right and obligation, i.e., is obliged to ensure the invulnerable constitutional position of the Republic of Srpska. The Serbian People’s Party opposes constant threats regarding Dayton Accords termination because it presents the guarantee for the survival of our people in this area. The creation and construction of the Republic of Srpska resulted in enormous human and material losses and it is the legacy that Serb people will never give up. The Serbian People’s Party will support current political, cultural, economic and any other cooperation between Serbia and Republic of Srpska and will strongly advocate for further mutual development of relations.

Kosovo and Metohija as an Integral and Inalienable Part of Serbia

By respecting the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the Serbian People’s Party emphasizes that Kosovo and Metohija has always been – and will always be – an integral and inalienable part of Serbia. The Serbian People’s Party does not recognize the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo and the illegal secession of the southern Serbian province. This procedure has severely violated Resolution 1244, UN Charter and the Final Helsinki Act. Serbia must never voluntarily give up a part of its territory which is the foundation of its state, national identity and spirituality. Kosovo pledge is deeply etched in the consciousness of the Serb people by giving them strength and persistence to overcome the most difficult moments in their history. The liberation of the Serbian people from century-long slavery and the creation of modern Serbian state has been achieved on the basis of the Kosovo pledge.

The Protection of Serb Economic Interests in Kosovo and Metohija

Serbia should consistently advocate for the protection of its economic interests in Kosovo and Metohija. The state must continue investing in Serb areas in Kosovo and Metohija, because in the new or revitalized companies Serbs will have the ability to survive and on the basis of real income, meet their basic needs. From 1961 to 1990 Serbia has invested more than $ 17 billion in road infrastructure, telecommunications, electric power systems and the entire economy of Kosovo and Metohija. Property ownership is a universal category and inviolable right in all developed countries. Serbia must insist on confirmation of its rights to dispose its property in Kosovo and Metohija and must stop illegal privatization of our public companies, as well as illegal use of mineral and other natural wealth in the territory of Kosovo.

Military Neutrality

In the field of defense, the Serbian People’s Party will advocate for the policy of honest and rounded military neutrality. It is necessary to define it more precisely and incorporate it in the Constitution of Serbia with the appropriate amendments. Therefore, we believe that it is important to fight for the international recognition of neutrality comparable to Austrian or Swiss model. This does not mean that Serbia should not give an active contribution to global security, but it is important that this is done solely on the basis of military neutrality and rejection of NATO membership. As a People’s Party, we believe that only people have the mandate to decide on the eventual accession of Serbia to NATO. The people must be given an opportunity to make the final decision on the matter in a referendum, as soon as possible, in order to constitutionally define our military neutrality.

The Fight Against Crime and Corruption

The Serbian People’s Party is committed to a vigorous fight against crime and corruption, which as a phenomenon inflicts enormous damage to the entire society. The combating of crime and corruption should be carried out through the strict application of the rule of law and through uncompromising engagement of the state institutions. The control of procurement in public enterprises and the transparency of contracts concluded is a way to prevent corruption of the government officials. The Serbian People’s Party supports the existence and work of the independent anti-corruption bodies whose task is to draw attention to the misuse of public resources and contribute to the suppression of corruption as one of the greatest threats to social and economic progress of Serbia.

The Preservation of Historical Heritage, Cultural and National Identity

The Serbian People’s Party inherits traditional Serbian values and advocates for the preservation of historical heritage, spiritual, cultural and national identity of the Serbian people. In order to preserve the Serbian national and cultural identity, it is of crucial importance to support the work of most relevant national institutions such as SANU, Matica srpska, Serbian Literary Association and others. We particularly emphasize the significance of the Serbian Orthodox Church as the oldest institution of the Serbian people, which preserved the unity of Serbs in the greatest challenges of our long and tumultuous history. From the time of Nemanjic dynasty, St. Sava and the period of acquisition of autocephaly, over a half-century long slavery under the Ottoman rule and the creation of the modern Serbian state at the time of Karadjordjevic and King Milos, the Serb Orthodox Church took care of these values, and with such gratitude to them we exist today as a nation. The role of the Serbian Orthodox Church was of a paramount importance for the preservation of Kosovo pledge and national consciousness. The Serbian People’s Party also points to the need to protect the Cyrillic alphabet which is constitutionally proclaimed as the national alphabet.

The Rationalization of the State Administration

The Serbian People’s Party sees the rationalization of the state administration as a necessary precondition for the efficient state apparatus. Excessive employment in the public administration created a burden on Serbian budget, which is why the state is forced to borrow additional funds, instead of seeking for a solution in the real sector jobs creation. The Serbian People’s Party emphasizes that the party affiliation must not be a selection criteria for jobs in public administration, it should rather be the knowledge and skills of employees.

Maximum Decentralization of Power

The Serbian People’s Party attempts to change Serbia so that the functions of the government become completely decentralized. We will advocate for the local municipalities to receive broader authorities and independence when it comes to the disposal of income earned. Decentralization for the Serbian People’s Party does not mean disintegration. Areas that are directly related to the state governance will remain centralized. We are confident that local issues and regulation of their life can best be arranged by the representatives of the local municipalities. The Serbian People’s Party advocates for the municipalities and cities to receive necessary authorities to solve the social issues in their communities. Cities and municipalities should be allowed to implement their own development programs and maximize their human resources engagement in strengthening its economic, educational and cultural potential. Local municipalities have to build high-quality transport and energy infrastructure, which will make them attractive for new investments, creation of industrial zones and higher economic growth.

Tourism Development as a Strategic Priority

As an important economic sector and potential for Serbia, tourism should be one of the strategic priorities in our economic development. In tourist offer of Serbia each region should present its natural, cultural and historic sites. Tourism development requires the creation of better infrastructure, educated personnel, quality offers and adequate promotion. Serbia has great potential for the development of health and spa tourism, a growing number of tourists take advantage of the opportunities offered by mountain and rural tourism. After many years, Serbia returns to the tourist map of Europe thanks to the city-break tourism. All this refers to the necessity to build quality catering facilities and capacities for tourists in the areas where tourist offer is attractive for domestic and foreign visitors.

Fostering Balanced Regional Development

Our goal is a balanced economic development of all parts of Serbia. Fostering balanced regional development is a measure that will positively affect the position of underdeveloped areas and the remaining population in them. The Serbian People’s Party supports creation of such an institutional and legal framework that will encourage investments in underdeveloped municipalities. This will prevent the outflow of population and reduction of Serbia to a few major cities where the greatest number of its citizens lives. The retention of the population in the countryside is one of the important tasks and that is why the attraction of investments to underdeveloped regions and rural areas must be a strategic interest of the state. In order to reduce intra-regional differences, volume and types of investment incentives should be adjusted to the level of development of the region and particular to municipality where the investments are embodied.

Pensioners – Dignified Third Age

The state must create a sustainable care system for pensioners. The SPP argues that the level of pensions should be harmonized with the movement of earnings growth, but also protected from impairment due to monetary and market changes. Funds for the pension payments must diversify their sources of funding through the capitalization of previous pension funds investments, through the future investments in the government securities and financing of major infrastructure projects, in order to reduce the need for budgetary transfers. We are convinced that it is necessary to redirect the burden from the state insurance funds to private funds. It is necessary to adopt such legislative solutions that will support the process of private pension insurance fund opening.

Demographic Renewal of Serbia

The Serbs are in a difficult demographic situation, which points to the necessity to apply the measures that will overturn negative demographic trends. The Serbian People’s Party is committed to active promotion of birth and provision of help for families that decide to have more children. The experience of the Russian Federation regarding the successful demographic consolidation represents a model that the SPP will strive to follow and implement. If the state fails to overturn negative trends regarding this issue, the Serbian people will, in relatively near future, face the problem of being a minority in their own country. Demographic renewal of Serbia, as well as the creation of the conditions for the reversal of negative internal migration from rural to urban areas, will be one of the most important goals of the Serbian People’s Party. In order to achieve demographic renewal it is necessary to provide a legal framework that will enable the maximum protection of pregnant women and their position as employees.

The Conservation of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Serbia’s economic development should take place simultaneously with the preservation of natural resources and environmental protection. The citizens of Serbia deserve to live in a healthy natural environment and use healthy food and clean water. The planning of waste management and recycling are good strategies for solving environmental issues. The use of waste as an alternative energy source provides an opportunity for saving of other energy resources while investing in the field of waste management leads to job creation.

The Preservation of Family Values

The Serbian People’s Party believes that family as a basic unit of society should have the most important role in life of every individual and the Serbian society as a whole. We believe that in the current circumstances of demographic vulnerability, the family formed on Christian principles and ethics can play an important role in the fight against white plague and restoration of Serbian people. Young population should be provided with special care. Their families are where they find opportunities and support to develop in terms of education, sports and culture. The harmful effects of the phenomena that destroy youth and throw them on social margins, such as drug addiction, alcoholism and crime, must continually be pointed out. Only healthy and socially responsible youth can contribute to their personal and social prosperity.

Gender Equality

The Serbian People’s Party advocates for equal representation of women and men in all spheres of social life. The issue of gender equality is specified by special laws, and the Serbian People’s Party will, in its work, strive to protect equal representation of both genders in all its associations. The Serbian People’s Party believes that women should be provided with equal opportunities at the labor market and thus given the full economic independence.

Investing in Education and Development of Technological Capabilities

The century in which we live is the century of education and science where the most important advantage of the people is knowledge. We believe that the investment in education and development of technological capabilities is a prerequisite for future economic prosperity of Serbia. We will advocate for the majority of our students to attend technical faculties and acquire knowledge that can be applied in the manufacturing industry. The budgetary transfers for research projects and science need to be increased. Our universities, with greater support from the state, should be able to educate staff that is capable of applying high technologies in domestic economy and make it competitive at the international market. Educated staff in technical and other sciences can be our most important competitive advantage in providing greater inflow of foreign investments.

Youth – To Proudly Remain in Serbia

The Serbian People’s Party is deeply convinced that care about young people and the investment in their well-being is one of the prerequisites for the survival and development of our country. Happy and healthy youth guarantees a happy and healthy Serbia. The SPP argues that young people should be given an opportunity to engage in the institutional decision-making processes regarding youth issues. Moreover, the state must ensure, through job creation in the domestic economy, that young people are not only proud of where they were born, but to proudly live and work there. One of the priorities of the SPP will be to prevent the outflow of young educated people from Serbia.

Health Policy

Serbia’s difficult economic situation has a negative impact on health protection of the population which is, mostly, lagging behind the health services of other countries in Europe. A large number of people, unfortunately, does not have valid health cards and is unable to get timely and adequate treatment. The state must, through the application of legal measures, influence employers to regularly pay contributions for health insurance of employees while providing free health care service to unemployed individuals. Serbia is obliged to be in solidarity with the citizens who are denied health care due to various circumstances, because the progress of a society depends on care for the health of all its members. School sports are the basis of health and health policy in the most developed countries of the world and that should be applied in Serbia.


The Serbian People’s Party believes that sport and physical activity play an important role in all aspects of human life, especially for proper growth and development of our children and youth. Only healthy nation is a successful nation. Therefore, the improvement of all aspects of sport must be one of the priorities of the state policy. The particular attention should be paid on the development of school sport by increasing the number of physical education classes in elementary and secondary schools from two to four and by restoration of mandatory physical education in higher education institutions. Sport competitions should be encouraged and nurtured. Moreover, our top athletes should be given necessary conditions for training, preparation for the big international competitions and must be stimulated through national awards, prizes and scholarships. The SPP is committed to make recreational sport, as an important precondition for quality and healthy life for all citizens of Serbia, accessible to everyone. With the new development strategy for sport as well as with better legal solutions the state must improve the work of sports organizations and facilities and protect the rights and material position of athletes and sports officials.

Social Protection

Social protection of vulnerable groups must be a special obligation of the state institutions. Mostly exposed to the consequences of the economic crisis and poverty are less educated people, unemployed and dependent individuals, the elderly, residents in rural areas, the disabled, refugees and displaced individuals. In addition to direct allocations for the care about this social group, the state needs to find a way for their employment and, through certain incentives, motivate employers to employ socially vulnerable individuals.

The Serbian People’s Party believes that certain number of jobs for socially vulnerable individuals has to be offered through public works at national and local levels. Special programs should be developed for the people who remain jobless due to economic crisis, which should not be the reason of their tragedy. On the other hand, the state cannot shift its responsibility for the social status of citizens to economic issues and to deploy administrative measures that prevent layoffs. Therefore, it is obliged to provide conditions for opening of the new jobs more than it will close and to this end must develop the appropriate instruments.

Culture – the Foundation of a Democratic Society

The Serbian People’s Party believes that cultural achievements have mostly contributed to the affirmation of Serbia in Europe and the world. Serbia needs to build its cultural pattern and by relying on the traditional values promote the development of contemporary cultural creation. With the respect for the national heritage the continuity of Serbian culture can be re-established. The greatest significant contribution to Serbian culture was given by our cultural elite at the beginning of the last century. Serbian literature, films and other areas of artistic expression should be promoted as much as possible, because they help our country gain a distinctive position at the European and global level. It is an undisputable fact that some Serbian artists mostly contributed to the reputation of Serbia in the world, so the potential deserves attention and has to be supported as much as possible.

Media – Freedom and Independence

The existence of free and independent media is a basic prerequisite for successful functioning of political and social life in our country. The ownership of the media must be transparent in order to prevent the influence of certain political centers in public life and create an image that is not in the interest of the whole society. The Serbian People’s Party respects the independence of media, whose reporting should be in accordance with the journalists’ Code, and will never put pressure on the media representatives that report about its work. The objective provision of information to the public is a task of free and independent media. Modern and stable society in Serbia is inconceivable without free media coverage.