An initiative for the foundation of Serbian People’s Party


Concerned about the difficult situation in which Serbian society and the state are, aware of deep economic crisis and falling living standards of citizens, committed to political, economic and social rebirth of Serbia, we are gathered by this initiative for the foundation of the Serbian People’s Party.

We are launching this initiative with an aim to build economically more developed, prosperous, socially just, better and happier Serbia.

In a healthy political competition, with the use of all of our knowledge, time and energy, we wish to help Serbian people live better and safer.

We start from the people – to the people!

The foundation principles of Serbian People’s Party

1. Serbian People’s Party will be party of national and democratic orientation.

2. As people’s party, SPP will gather and represent the interests of all classes of citizens of Serbia.

3. SPP will defend the rule of law and the equal application of the law for all, regardless of the interests of the parties in government, individuals, or any interest group.

4. For us, the inviolability of the private property rights represents the basis of legal security of any democratic and prosperous society.

5. The program of SPP will be based on the principles of responsible national and state-building policies.

6. The economic policy of SPP will be directed towards development of the market and socially responsible economy whose focus will be placed on the development of small and medium sized enterprises.

7. The SPP will advocate the maintenance of balanced foreign policy that puts the economic interests of Serbian citizens in the first place.

8. In the future, we see Russia as one of the most important political and economic partners of Serbia. We believe that Serbia in its past has not had a closer friend than Russia, nor did it have an ally with whom its ties throughout the history were longer, more meaningful and widespread.

9. Our attitude towards European integrations is based on the principles of Euroscepticism. As people’s party, SPP will require that Serbian citizens are asked whether they want to continue the path towards membership in the European Union or not. This issue is best resolved by referendum, as the highest expression of democracy and democratic procedures.

10. Serbian People’s Party will provide a strong contribution to the protection of the interests and preservation of the identity of Serbs in the region and will consistently strive to preserve and strengthen ties between the homeland and Serbian people in diaspora. We particularly emphasize the care of Serbs in Montenegro, which historically is part of the Serbian ethnic and cultural space.

11. The preservation of Dayton agreement and prosperity of the Republic of Srpska, for Serbian People’s Party, represents strategic national interest of Serbia and the Serbian people.

12. For SPP, Kosovo and Metohija is an integral and inalienable part of Serbia. Serbia has to, consistently, advocate for the protection of its economic interests in Kosovo and Metohija.

13. The SPP’s policy in the field of defense will be based on the principles of military neutrality. Serbia should provide an active contribution to global security, but remain militarily neutral and reject membership in the NATO military alliance.

14. Serbian People’s Party heirs of traditional Serbian values ​​and advocate for the preservation of historical heritage, cultural and national identity of Serbian people. We emphasize the importance of the Serbian Orthodox Church as the oldest institution of Serbian people, which preserved the unity of Serbs in the most difficult challenges of our long and tumultuous history.

15. Serbian People’s Party wants to reform Serbia in a way that enables functions of the government to be decentralized as much as possible. We will advocate for that local municipalities to receive broader authorities and full independence in the management of the acquired assets.

16. We believe that Serbia should strive to achieve continuous economic growth, but such that will ensure sustainable development, the conservation of its natural resources and environmental protection.

17. The encouragement of balanced regional development, demographic renewal of Serbia, as well as creation of conditions for the reversal of negative internal migration from rural to urban areas, will represent some of the most important goals in the SPP’s programme.

18. The century in which we live in is the century of education and science, and it contains the most important advantage of one nation – knowledge. We believe that investments in education and development of technological capabilities are the key preconditions for future economic prosperity of Serbia.

The people are given a choice. The people are given a chance. The people are given Serbian People’s Party.

Zlatibor, September 21st, 2014