Nenad Popovic for TV N1: The chance for recovery lies in the development of entrepreneurship and small businesses

18th December 2014

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Serbian People’s Party continues Kostunica’s state-building policy but in the pragmatic way. Our main objective is the recovery of Serbian economy. Only nationally strong state can successfully develop its economy, and only a strong economy can be a guarantor of long-term protection of state and national interest of the country. A chance for economic recovery lies in the development of entrepreneurship and small businesses, president of the Serbian People’s Party Nenad Popovic said, in the “New Day” morning program of N1 TV.

According to him, support for small businesses is the key to overcoming the crisis.

– The state must create conditions that will motivate people to invest in their own business even with small savings. This means that they must be provided with conditions just as their colleagues in the region – favorable medium-term and long-term loans. The fact is that small businesses in European countries employ 90 percent of the working population. Only they can lift the economy up. It is also a known fact that further increase in taxes creates an environment in which starting business isn’t desirable – Popovic said.

As he explained, the SPP is eurosceptic party.

– We want the best possible cooperation with the European Union but we believe that Serbia should not be a member of the EU, because it is not in its economic interests. Therefore, we suggest that citizens should decide in a referendum, if they want to join the EU. There is nothing more democratic than a referendum. In Switzerland, every local community decisions are made by a referendum while in our country only 250 MPs decide about such an important issue as Serbia’s membership in the EU. If citizens support the EU integration process, SPP will respect that decision – Popovic said.

While commenting the front pages of today’s daily press, he said that the Third Summit of China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe that was held in Belgrade, is very important for the Serbian economy and it is therefore necessary, as soon as possible, to form working groups that will implement all agreements reached with China. As he pointed out, the European Union is most important trading partner of China and Serbia has to be wise and use the chance that is given and provide China with fast and high-quality transport of goods to the European market.