Nenad Popovic: Kosovo and Metohija – Serbian acquis and legacy

16th January 2015

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In talks with the international community the highest Serbian officials have to persistently insist on verification of ownership of the assets of our country in Kosovo and Metohija, because, in the last five decades, Serbia has invested more than $ 17 billion in road, energy, telecommunications infrastructure and economy in Kosovo and Metohija, the president of the Serbian National Party, Nenad Popovic, said.

Kosovo is a holy land, but also Serbian acquis and legacy, the inalienable property of the Serbian state and its citizens, Popovic said.

He reminded that “property ownership is universal category and inviolable right in every civilized country.” These are the arguments that the West understands well and arguments that are undeniably on our side, Popovic said.

Serbia must be uncompromisingly committed to the protection of its economic interests in Kosovo and Metohija. A the same time Serbia should continue investing in the regions of Kosovo and Metohija, populated by Serbian people, because they can survive in Kosovo only if they have jobs, roads, schools, universities, hospitals, health care, if Serbian state provides them with better economic future. The economy is crucial for the survival of the Serbian community in Kosovo and Metohija, the president of the SPP said.

On the Monday session, the Assembly of Kosovo, will, in an emergency procedure, discuss the law that allows “Trepca”, as well as all the other former state-owned enterprises, like mine facilities and natural resources, to be transformed into public property of the so called Republic of Kosovo.