Jovan Palalic for TV K9: It is not in Serbia’s interest to be a member of EU

20th January 2015

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The European Union’s policy towards Serbia is such that Serbia does not have any political or economic interest to become a member, Jovan Palalic, secretary general of the Serbian People’s Party, said for the TV K9 in Novi Sad.

According to him, the political interest of Serbia to remain outside the EU is reflected primarily in the constant pressures of the Union that relate to the territorial integrity of our country i.e. Kosovo and Metohija.

– There is also a great pressure on Serbia to impose sanctions on Russia, although it is in complete conflict with our economic interests. There are no economic reasons to be part of the EU. Since the ratification of the Stabilization and Association Agreement in 2008, Serbian budget suffers constant damage, especially in the field of agricultural production. Finally, by joining the EU and Serbia would lose all the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement with the Russian Federation, which is of substantial importance to our economy – Palalic concluded.