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Trepca KiM

SPP: Serbian property in Kosovo and Metohija should be imposed as urgent topic

According to the World Bank (WB) estimates, the value of the mineral reserves, in the southern Serbian province amounts up to 13.5 billion Euros. Serbian officials should not be manipulated by tactical maneuver of authorities of the fake state of…

20th January 2015


SPP Belgrade – Old Town: The oldest citizens deserve our special care and assistance

Elderly citizens of Old Town municipality in Belgrade must be provided with the best conditions for a decent third age. They deserve our special care and assistance, coordinator of the Initiative Committee of the Serbian People’s Party of Old Town…

17th January 2015


Nenad Popovic: Kosovo and Metohija – Serbian acquis and legacy

In talks with the international community the highest Serbian officials have to persistently insist on verification of ownership of the assets of our country in Kosovo and Metohija, because, in the last five decades, Serbia has invested more than $…

16th January 2015


The SPP is now present in Kosovo and Metohija – An initiative Committee was formed in Strpce

The Serbian People’s Party formed an initiative Committee in Strpce, in Kosovo and Metohija. Mr Slavisa Staletovic will be appointed to the post of the Coordinator of the Committee. – For the Serbian People’s Party, Kosovo and Metohija has always…

8th January 2015


SPP: Mojkovac is the foundation and the connection of the past and future relations between Serbia and Montenegro

The delegation of the Serbian People’s Party Youth, led by Dusan Markovic, Deputy Secretary General of the SPP, laid the wreath today at the Serdar Janka Vukotica tomb at the at the New Cemetery in Belgrade, marking the occasion of…

6th January 2015


SPP handed in signatures for the party registration

One of the main objectives of the Serbian People’s Party is recovery of the national economy, president of the Serbian People’s Party Nenad Popović said today, when submitting signatures for the official registration of the party. Serbian People’s Party handed…

11th December 2014


Nenad Popovic: An election of Kadri Veselji means killing Serbs over and over again

An election of Kadri Veselji, former head of the Kosovo secret service (SIK) and one of the founders of the KLA, for the president of Kosovo’s Assembly, symbolically represents the repeated killing of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, president of…

9th December 2014


An initiative for the foundation of Serbian People’s Party has been signed

From the people to the people, is the message of an initiative for the foundation of Serbian People’s Party (SPP), which was signed today in Zlatibor, by members of the initiative committee, led by Nenad Popovic. “This household represents Serbia…

21st September 2014