Zeljko Ivanji for “Danas” newspapers: Poltrons are more appreciated than proffesionals

In Serbian public sector there is no clear separation between politics and administration. Employees in the public sector do not have a proffesional career in true sense of the word. They depend on the political will of individuals who are…

18th February 2015

Milan Stamatovic: Zlatibor is the largest construction site in Serbia

The municipality of Cajetina has issued most of the construction permits in Serbia last year – 98, while by the end of this year there will be 100 construction permits issued, mostly in Zlatibor, municipality president and member of the…

22nd December 2014

Nenad Popovic for “Our newspaper” – I believe in compromise and a new model of “South Stream”

Nenad Popovic, a former Vice President of DSS, and now founder and president of the youngest political party in Serbia, gives an interview for Our newspaper, a day after the official registration of the Serbian People’s Party. He said that…

13th December 2014