Cajetina successfully implements the “Waste is not garbage” project

20th January 2015

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The project of primary selection of waste “Waste is not garbage”, which began in Cajetina and Zlatibor on January 29th last year, is successfully implemented. This is confirmed by the fact that in recent months about 70 tons of selected waste has been removed from the municipality of Cajetina to the regional landfill “Deep”.

Since the beginning of the project, the training and education of citizens and employees in some institutions have been organized as “mini” workshops. The procurement of green containers and bags for waste disposal has also taken place. Thanks to favorable prices for the purchase of 85 containers and 52.000 bags, some funds have been saved and reused for the purchase of another 30 containers and 42.500 bags.

The “Waste is not garbage” project is of a great importance for the municipality of Cajetina, as it is primarily engaged in tourism industry, assistant to president of Cajetina municipality and a member of the Presidency of the Serbian People’s Party – Bojana Bozanic said.

According to her, the project’s success depended on the education of citizens and employees of the municipality Cajetina who realized the importance of the primary waste selection through various educational trainings.

The Cajetina municipal inspectors had the task to control the waste selection performed by citizens, but mainly by economic entities.

The project officially ends on January 29th. On this occasion, there will be a conference, which will look through achieved results and also present its sustainability. After the completion of the project, the waste selection will continue to be the responsibility of both, citizens and businesses.