Дневна архива : 20th January 2015

SPP: Serbian property in Kosovo and Metohija should be imposed as urgent topic

According to the World Bank (WB) estimates, the value of the mineral reserves, in the southern Serbian province amounts up to 13.5 billion Euros. Serbian officials should not be manipulated by tactical maneuver of authorities of the fake state of…

20th January 2015

Cajetina successfully implements the “Waste is not garbage” project

The project of primary selection of waste “Waste is not garbage”, which began in Cajetina and Zlatibor on January 29th last year, is successfully implemented. This is confirmed by the fact that in recent months about 70 tons of selected…

20th January 2015

Jovan Palalic for TV K9: It is not in Serbia’s interest to be a member of EU

The European Union’s policy towards Serbia is such that Serbia does not have any political or economic interest to become a member, Jovan Palalic, secretary general of the Serbian People’s Party, said for the TV K9 in Novi Sad. According…

20th January 2015