Дневна архива : 18th December 2014

Nenad Popovic for TV N1: The chance for recovery lies in the development of entrepreneurship and small businesses

Serbian People’s Party continues Kostunica’s state-building policy but in the pragmatic way. Our main objective is the recovery of Serbian economy. Only nationally strong state can successfully develop its economy, and only a strong economy can be a guarantor of…

18th December 2014

Zoran Vidanovic for TV Nis: SPP will confront the problems that Serbia faces

The foundations of successful Serbia are satisfied families, a foundation of every household is economy. Serbia’s interests and interests of our citizens cannot be met without strengthening our economy. Serbian People’s Party will differ from other parties as it will…

18th December 2014

Cajetina participates in EU project on energy efficiency

Municipality of Cajetina is one of the participants in the Alterenergy project, which is funded by the European Union whose aim is to improve the energy efficiency of municipalities in Serbia. Early next year, the Assembly of Cajetina Municipality will…

18th December 2014